Amauzari in the USA Organization (AIU)  is a not-for-profit and tax-deductible charitable organization.  IRS as described in section 501© (3) recognizes our organization as a public charity .  AIU is incorporated in the State of Illinois and also registered as a charitable organization with the office of Attorney General of the state of Illinois.


Amauzari in the USA or AIU for short is an organization setup by the indigenes of the Amauzari in Disapora residing in the United States whose sole aim is to continue to foster the spirit of oneness, community and brotherhood.  As part of these aim, we also reach back out in order to help develop and grow our community back home.  By using our collective skills and resources, we aim to make a positive impact back home through investments in Education, Healthcare, Leadership Engagement, Youth Empowerment and Social Amenities.

The Aims and Objectives as defined by our collective body can be summarized as follows

  1. To Help provide Social Amenities to the Amauzari Community for the collective use of it’s Indigenes.
  2. To Continuously invest in the Educational needs of the Amauzari via Infrastructural projects and Education Incentives.
  3. To Invest in Youth Empowerment by providing alternative sources of income and encouragement.
  4. To Continuously invest in both the Health Infrastructure of the Amauzari Community and also assist the less endowed to have access to subsidized health care
  5. To Engage in Community Outreach through Social Programs and Leadership Training to ensure that the Amauzari Community is not left behind in the Socio Political Changes that occur both at the Local, State and Federal levels.